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Ikimonogakari's new single « BAKU » goes on sale today
 February 24, 2021, 00:00   neotsubasa   Article

One of the most famous artists in Japan, Ikimonogakari, have just released their 33rd single « BAKU » today.

Cover de Baku

Cover de Baku

In addition to the title track « BAKU », which has been used as the opening theme song for the TV Tokyo animation « BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS » since January 2021, this album will also feature « Blue Bird »,"Hotaruno Hikari" used as the opening theme song for the world-wide popular animation “NARUTO SHIPPUDEN” in 2008 and 2009 respectively, and the first remix of Ikimonogakari's song by DJ/Producer Slushii who is active all over the world.

The album cover of this song is a complete reproduction of the cover of « Blue Bird » released in 2008, with the members of Ikimonogakari replaced by « Boruto Uzumaki » and other main characters of the anime « BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS ».
When the album cover design was released, it was greeted with comments such as « This is emotional! » and « I'm glad to see this homage! » from Ikimonogakari fans as well as NARUTO/BORUTO fans in Japan and abroad on social media. Since the pre-release of « BAKU », the number of monthly listeners on Spotify has exceeded 2.5 million, and the music video for « BAKU » has been receiving comments from all over the world since its release.
At the same time, a music video for the remix song « Blue Bird (Slushii Remix) » by the internationally popular DJ Slushii has been released. The song was made into a more danceable EDM style by Slushii, and is expressed in a cool and emotional way. He is an American DJ and music producer who is best known for his popular remixes of artists like – Galantis, Botnek & I See MONSTAS, and Kaskade. His musical style includes contemporary EDM production combining dubstep drops, trap drums, giddy trance synths, and helium vocals. Slushii's features are like a mascot from an anime which maybe comes from his love for Japanese anime and games.

This video was produced by REALROCK DESIGN using the opening image of « Naruto: Shippuden » in which the song « Blue Bird » was used in 2008. They have also produced videos for the concerts of MAN WITH MISSION and KEYAKIZAKA46 (now renamed to SAKURAZAKA6).
The original song « Blue Bird » was ranked 4th on the list of the most played Japanese songs overseas in 2020, so « Blue Bird (Slushii Remix) » is sure to be a hit in Japan and overseas! 

Source : Communiqué de presse

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