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VM5, JAPAN EXPO ROCKs 2019 winners
 June 2, 2019, 00:00   neotsubasa   Article

Among the 7 finalists of the JAPAN EXPO ROCKs contest, VM5 convinced the jury and won a place on the Karasu stage!



For its third edition, JAPAN EXPO ROCKs has been putting forward the new talents of J-rock one more time. From the 75 groups and artists in the competition, 18 had been chosen by the public during the first selection stages. A jury of professionals took on from the quarter finals and chose the electro-rock band VM5 who will be representing the new generation of J-rock at Japan Expo!

VM5 were started in 2016 by ASAKO (bass guitar and vocals), SHAK (guitar and vocals), MAKOJET (guitar and vocals) and KIMURA (drums and vocals). Their music is experimental featuring a new sound that mixed dance music with a punk rock / rock‘n’roll crossover. The four members are the lead vocals in turn with completely different styles. It is said that they came from « Another world similar to this world » due to the distortion of spacetime.

You will be able to see the band in showcase on the Karasu stage and in a signing session during the festival.

Source : Japan Expo

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