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Fure Fure Danshi, winner of Tokyo Candoll -BOYS- 2019
 June 2, 2019, 00:00   neotsubasa   Article

Tokyo Candoll -BOYS-, a male idol contest organized for the third time, has crowned the group Fure Fure Danshi this year!

Fure Fure Danshi

Fure Fure Danshi

The five members of the band, Kaneko Masahiro (yellow), Sanpei Kōta (blue), Wakamatsu Yu (pink), Higuchi Daiki (red) and Akisawa Ibuki (green) have one goal: supporting you. Everyday, they try to support the people who give their best and especially want to support the Olympic Games which are to be held in Japan in 2020.

They will be meeting you at Japan Expo and want to encourage you!

Don’t miss their showcase on the Karasu stage and meet them at signings.

Sources : Japan Expo - Press Release

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