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WE=MUKASHIBANASHI won Tokyo Candoll 2019 !
 May 16, 2019, 00:00   MrsGru   Article

The Idol group WE=MUKASHIBANASHI will produce itself at the 20th Japan Expo in Paris.

Tokyo Candoll

Tokyo Candoll

The final round of the 2019 Tokyo Candoll contest took place on the 6th of may and revealed this year's winner : WE=MUKASHIBANASHI. They will take part in the 20th edition of Japan Expo in Paris, France.

First known as SARUKANI BANASHI 2nd Edition, the newly formed Idol group held its first concert on the 19th of april. Two members were added through this transition which led to a total of five members. Each of them represents a colour : black goes to YUMI, pink is for GASHI, blue represents SAKI, SANA is in charge of the green colour and finally MAKI is the red member.

Their goal as a group is to bring back childhood memories, which explains their name : indeed « mukashibanashi » means « traditional stories », that is to say folktales from Japan. They aim to share their stories with the audience, both as an entertainment and a cultural link.

WE=MUKASHIBANASHI's ability to convey a feeling or emotion and to reach out with its message is very meaningful.

They are looking forward to their first European concert because they will be able to share their concept with a broader audience.



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