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Interview with Maguro Nikan
 December 6, 2018, 00:00   neotsubasa   Interview

The fresh new group of Yuyu (daughter of Azumi Inoue), Maguro Nikan, have pleased us by answering some questions by email.

Hello. Thank you for agreeing to answer our questions. Can you introduce yourself to our audience?

We are brand new rock band « MaguroNikan », Yuyu is Vocal & Guitar, Ume is Lead Guitar.
We are childhood friends from elementary school.
We started practicing a few years ago, and made our debut this March.
We released first EP « The First Tuna » this August.
We are aiming for the hard & kawaii rock band.

Can you explain to us more about your band's name? Why did you choose Maguro Nikan?

Because we met at Sushi restaurant for the first time.
"Nikan" means « 2 pieces of ». So MaguroNikan means « 2 pieces of tuna sushi ».
Our guitars are both dark red looks like tuna sushi, so we thought this name would suit us.
And tuna swim around the world's ocean.
We put this name with aim to be world wide famous artist.

How would you define the musical style of your band?

We love noisy sound and beautiful melody, but doesn't like synthesizer sound,
so we want to play the music only by drums, bass, 2 guitars.
But Ume plays the piano, so maybe we will adopt the piano sound in the future.
Rock, Punk, sometimes Pop, with simple sound is our style.

What are your musical influences?

Ume likes Ed Sylan, Bruno mars, bars and melody, Maroon5, Alan Walker,Green day, and so on...
Yuyu likes Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, (below Japanese artist) KANA-BOON, Unison Square Garden, Masaki Suda.

How are your songs composed?

Japanese rock band « WATANABE FLOWER » produces our songs.
Yuyu writes lyrics sometimes, but almost songs WATANABE FLOWER write for us.

How do you divide the work in the group?

Tricky riffs and guitar solos of lead guitars are handled by Ume.
Yuyu focuses on singing, guitar is for basic backing.



Right now, Maguro Nikan is a duet. Are you planning in the future to enlarge the group to accommodate a member playing drums or bass?

Mr Kiheita (Ba) & Mr Imamura (Drs) suport us now, they are no longer like members.
We can't imagine the MaguroNikan sound without them.

Can you tell us more about the first EP ”the first tuna” ?

M-1 Sozo Girl
This is our first original song.
I'm singing a feeling that don't confine infinite possibilities of our future.

M-2 Kodomodamashi
"Kodomodamashi" means « cheap trick » in Japanese.
I'm singing about I want to be a cool adult.

M-3 Watashi Kareshi Imasen
I'm singing about « I don't have any boyfriend. »
It is affected by Green Day's sound.

M-4 MaguroNikan
Our theme song.
It contains a lot of fish names.
I'm singing that conversation at Sushi restaurant counter with master of Sushi.

For those who don't know you yet, what is the song of your discography that you will advise first?

If you like ani-son or visual band, we recommend « Sozo Girl ».
If you like traditional rock music, we recommend « Kodomodamashi ».
If you like Greenday(笑), « Watashi Kareshi Imasen » is better.
If you like J-Rock style, « MaguroNikan » is better.
But we want you to listen to them all.

Yuyu , You had the chance to visit France two time already, alongside your mother. What kind of memories did you keep of these times?

> There were 3000 audience in the venue, I was really exited it.
Because it's first time for me to see a lot of French people at one time(笑).
And then I visited to Palace of Versailles, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, and so on,
the city of Paris was beautiful wherever I went.

What are your upcoming projects?

> We want to hold more live concerts all over the world.
We are aiming to appear on the Japan Expo stage next summer.
And we will release full album next summer, we want you to listen to more our music.
Sometimes we will upload our movie on YouTube, please check it !

Thank you ! See you soon !

Thank you very much for your time.

Yoroshiku ~

Idols News Network tkanks Gibs, Doremi and of course the band Maguro Nikan for allowing us to do this interview by email in November 2018.

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