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The winners of Tokyo Candoll and Tokyo Candoll -BOYS- arrive at Japan Expo!
 June 6, 2017, 00:00   neotsubasa   Article

The finals of the idol contest organized in partnership with Japan Expo, Tokyo Candoll, took place last month, in May. Congratulations to notall who achieved to win all the selections until the finals. This year this event also held “Tokyo Candoll-BOYS-“ for the first time. It is an event deciding the representative of Japanese boys idols. Even though it was the first time for this competition to be held, the final round of the tournament was packed full with the audience. And the winner of the tournament was idol-style otaku group “EPIC STAR”.

Here is a small presentation of the 2 groups:



“notall” debuted in June 2014 as a “social idol to be raised with the people of the world”. notall is a idol who everyone can produce , since they recruit group name, nicknames, logos, songs, costume designs, merchandise and such on SNS. Up until now creators from over 8 countries all over the world have participated, and they have received over 40,000 submissions, so they are a unit who are making their way together with fans and creators all over the world.

They are also active overseas, and have performed “Taiwan Comic Exhibition” which has over 600,000 visitors, and also in Shanghai and Guangzhou. In April this year they released single “Kapibara Jisoku 50km / Kimi ni DA-DA-DAN” through Universal Music and made their major debut. They ranked in as numbre 11 on Oricon overall charts, and are gathering attention both in and out of Japan.

notall participated to Japan Expo Official Tournament “Tokyo Candoll” held from January to May this year, and won the tournament.



“EPIC STAR” was just formed in October 2015 consists of 7 members; HIЯO, Ma-kun!, Takupiy, Kazuma。, Shota, Ayaa and Taiga. All members are some kind of otakus; idol otaku, anime otaku, plant otaku... But what is most surprising about this group is that the group is produced by leader HIЯO.

EPIC STAR’s biggest weapon is “wotagei (type of dancing and cheering gestures usually performed by idol otakus)”, which they perform during the songs. They will be showing the performance that took over Japanese fans’ hearts as the representative of Japanese boys idol groups in Japan Expo!!

Between the social idol concept of notall and the otaku style of EPIC STAR, the new generation of Japanese idols are at the cutting edge of modernity. The winners of both Tokyo Candoll and Tokyo Candoll -BOYS- can’t wait to meet you at signings and to have an incredible moment with you in showcases!

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