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PASSPO☆ Interview in Japan Expo 12th impact
 December 4, 2011, 00:00   laRedaction   Live report

Between two appointments, PASSPO☆ granted us with an interview, on saturday July 2nd.

INN : Can you present yourselves?


Aipon : I like video games. I am PASSPO☆ captain and I am dressed in white. I am Negishi Ai aka Aipon Miomio : I like animes and mangas . I’m dressed in light blue. I’m Masui Mio aka Miomio Makocchan : I’m seventeen forever! I’m dressed in pink. I’m Okunaka Makoto aka Makocchan Musshu :I come from Hakata and I’m dressed in dark green. I’m Sakuma Kaho aka Musshu Yukki : I’m the chief purser. I’m Fujimoto Yukimi aka Yukki. Morishi : I am the PASSPO☆ reckless. I’m dressed in yellow. I am Mori Shiori aka Morishi Nachu : I’m the eldest and I’m dressed in orange. I am Iwamura Natsumi aka Nachu. Annya : I’m the youngest and I’m dressed in purple. I am Tamai Anna aka Annya. Naomin : I’m dressed in red and ( suis quelqu'un d'assez piquant). I am Anzai Naomi aka Naomin.
You performed a showcase on JE Live House yesterday, what were your impression about French audience? Aipon : First I was shocked by the hall’s size. Nachu : We were not expecting such a big audience in France. Musshu : Moreover , they were very welcoming and motivated to cheer us. We are very happy.
Asô Natsuko, host of Japan in Motion (show where they also appear) performed last year in Japan Expo and another hall in Paris few month later. Are you ready to accept the challenge? Toutes : yes, yes, definitely. We are looking forward to it.
Just like your participation in Japan in Motion, although your major debut was only early 2011, do you have international ambitions? Aipon : Our concept being flight attendants, we aim to fly all over the world and express our messages, our songs in maximum countries.
Did you dream coming to France? and particularly Paris? Toutes : yes, we did! Naomin : We admired Paris and it was our dream to come here. Without PASSPO☆, we would not have been able to realize it and we are so glad to be here.
Interview made at Villepinte, on 2011/07/02.. Thank to PASSPO☆, and their staff also to Mr. Shirakami (Japan in Motion producer and director) without whom this interview would never have happened.

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