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Japan in Motion in Japan Expo 12th impact
 September 18, 2011, 00:00   laRedaction   Interview

During Japan Expo we stopped at the Japan In Motion booth. Singular space separated in two spots: an ode to the magnificent Hiroshima prefecture and a cult of Seifuku, with about fifteen models exposed.

Japan in Motion, or JIM, is a remarkable concept. With its website and its emissions, it promote Japan around the world.
The programs broadcast today on Nolife, as well as the singularity of the hosts and guests, have permitted JIM to make a name for itself in France. And also the venue of Asō Natsuko, Neeko et PASSPO☆ during conventions and concerts in Paris. Producer and director, Shirakami Michihiro, gave us a little time to conduct a short interview.

Shirakami Michihiro

INN : What is the concept of Japan In Motion?

Shirakami : We asked ourselves how we could attract foreigners in Japan. We thought to make a show broadcasted in other countries would be a good way to do so.

At the beginning we started the JIM website. We created some videos and when Nolife saw them, they at once decided to broadcast them. That’s how it started.

Why did you choose (Asō Natsuko) as a host?

We used a talent agency because we were looking for an announcer. They proposed several people. We thought that the one who would have more success and who would have a lot of fame would be Natchan.

Were you surprised by the enthusiasm of the French people for the show and for Natchan?

Yes, we are surprised that so many people watch the show. So does Natchan and she is very happy about it. She and ourselves love the show we do and we strive to give the maximum to the French public with rich and detailed information on Japan.

This year, PASSPO☆ is part of the show, why did you choose them? Is it a request of the label?

As Natchan was successful, several talent agency contacted us to present new groups. One of those presented PASSPO☆ and we have chosen them among all artists.

You acquired a certain notoriety among the profession, in Japan?

The Japanese government and, in a general way, Japan supports JIM now. That’s how the Hiroshima prefecture is at JAPAN EXPO with us.

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